Simplify your contracting journey

Make managing contractors a breeze with RemotePass. Our platform is designed for simplicity and efficiency, allowing you to onboard, manage, pay, and retain contractors worldwide with ease. Start streamlining your contractor processes today and see the difference it makes to your global operations.

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Onboard Contractors with
Precision and Ease

Smart Contracts

Save time and choose from our template contracts and modify them for your needs

Compliant Document Collection

RemotePass simplifies gathering, storing, and managing all your paperwork. Take control of your documents and ensure compliance with ease.


Sign contracts digitally with our e-signature feature, making the onboarding process faster and more secure. This eliminates the need for physical paperwork and accelerates the contract completion process.

Smart Editor

Use our smart editor to customize contracts and NDAs with ease. This tool simplifies the creation of legal documents, adapting to the specific needs of each contractor.

Generate NDAs

Quickly generate Non-Disclosure Agreements to protect sensitive information. RemotePass provides templates and customization options for creating NDAs that align with your business requirements.

Streamline Your Contractor
Management Process

Up to 5 approval flows

Set up to five levels of custom approval flows, ensuring that all contractor management processes are streamlined and efficient. This allows for better control and oversight of contractor activities.

Expense Management

Manage contractor expenses with ease. RemotePass offers tools for tracking, approving, and reimbursing expenses, simplifying cost control.

Time Off Management

Streamline contractor vacation requests. Our system simplifies approvals and tracking, keeping your operations on track, even during their time off.

Analytics & Reporting

Make informed decisions with valuable contractor insights. RemotePass delivers detailed analytics and reports, empowering you to monitor performance and make data-driven decisions.

Bulk Approval

Manage large teams with ease. Save time by making bulk updates to profiles, contracts, and other key elements, ensuring efficiency even with a large or growing workforce.

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Recognized Excellence of RemotePass

Simplify Contractor
Payments and Invoicing

Automated Invoicing

Streamline the invoicing process with automated invoice generation and submission. This ensures timely and accurate billing, enhancing financial efficiency.

Recurring Allowances

Streamline your recurring expenses and allowances for contracts effortlessly. Just set the amount, frequency, and schedule with a few simple clicks.

Payment Adjustments

RemotePass gives you the flexibility to adjust payments based on revised contracts or work scopes, guaranteeing accurate compensation for your contractors, every time.

Bulk Approvals

Pay multiple contractors at once with ease. RemotePass's mass payment system saves you time and administrative burden.

Integration with Accounting

Seamlessly integrate contractor payments with your accounting software. This ensures that financial records are accurate and up-to-date, simplifying accounting processes.

Our customers love us!

Recognized Excellence of RemotePass

Foster Long-Term Relationships with
Contractors by offering unmatched benefits

USD Debit Card
Competitive Benefits Like Insurance
7 Payout Methods
Automated Invoicing

USD Debit Card

Offer your contractors access to the RemotePass USD debit card, allowing them to receive instant payments at no cost, hold their funds in USD, and spend globally online and offline.

Competitive Benefits Like Insurance

Attract and retain top talent by offering competitive insurance benefits. RemotePass sets up and manages these benefits, ensuring your contractors feel valued and supported.

7 Payout Methods

Provide contractors with the flexibility of choosing from seven different payout methods. This ensures that they can receive payments in the most convenient way for them.

Automated Invoicing

Improve contractor retention with effortless automated invoicing. Ensure accurate and timely payments, boosting contractor satisfaction and loyalty.

Trusted by small, medium and large businesses globally
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