Built for people leaders.

A single platform to save HR teams loads of time.

Global Hiring

Hire globally without setting up local entities.

Adding hiring teams on RemotePass is intuitive. Jump right in and start hiring anywhere with no lengthy training sessions or user manuals required.

Smart reporting

Farewell, spreadsheets.

Stay up to date and leverage comprehensive reports at a glance. Track everything happening with our powerful dashboard.

Fullstack HR platform

Give everyone the attention they deserve.

Tailor-made features for seamless employee experience starting from expenses management, equipment tracking, time off, to birthdays all in one place.

Customized Benefits

Benefits that put people first.

Empower your team with competitive benefits everywhere like health insurance, based on location, equity for global employees and more.

Kiss the Stacks of Paperwork, Goodbye

Organizing, distributing, reviewing and entering new information by hand is a taxing feat for HR leaders.

Stop wasting time, Get things done.

Repetitive and manual data entry, endless searching for documents, emailing and other menial tasks can all be simplified and automated with visibility on timelines.

One tool means less chaos.

No additional tools are needed with a powerful dashboard that lets you see everything at once.

Built for finance leaders.

A single platform to put finance teams on autopilot.

Customized Benefits

Fund payroll, the way you want.

You can use Bank transfer, SEPA, ACH, BACKs or any major credit or debit card.

Customized Benefits

We'll take care of all of it for you.

Pay your global team with our one-click mass payments, no matter the payment cycle, country, or currency. Give your team payment options; Whatever their preferred payment method, your team can choose how they get paid.

Customized Benefits

Expense reports done for you, not by you.

Automating the expense management process and eliminating the errors, paper and procedures that go with it reimburse employees more quickly, and simplify the expense reporting process for everyone.

Customized Benefits

Invoicing without number-crunching.

Automatically collect invoices instantly. Effortlessly sync RemotePass with your accounting software for seamless integration of invoice data.
Set rates, track time, pay teams, done. No more calculators, rate adjustments, or nudging teams to fill out timesheets.

Customized Benefits

Help is here. Whenever and however you need it.

Our support team is available via live chat or email to assist you and your team members.