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Introduce your network to the wonders of RemotePass and earn cash rewards. Join the RemotePass Partner Referral Program today.

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Refer and Earn in
Three Simple Steps

You exercise ongoing management and
guidance over your employees

Employer of Record

We take care of all aspects related
to compliance, payroll, risk management, and
employee benefits.

Refer Your Leads Directly

Easily introduce your leads to RemotePass using our user-friendly platform.

Track Sales Progress

Track the progress of your leads in real-time directly on the platform.

Review Your Rewards

Regularly check and manage your rewards and payouts.

Introduce Your Network to the
Power of RemotePass

Seamless Global Onboarding and Payroll

Give Teams Benefits and Services They’ll Love

Manage Employees and Contractors Effortlessly

Hire Internationally — Without Setting Up Local Entities

Trusted by businesses of all sizes - globally

Earn Uncapped Commissions

Joining the RemotePass Partner Program opens up a world of opportunities, offering significant earning potential for you and your team.

Join the RemotePass
Partner Program Today

Partner with us to redefine remote work collaboration and enjoy the benefits of a rewarding partnership.

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Got Questions? Find Answers Here

How do I join the program?

To join the program, simply book a short call using the link above. Our team will share more details on the program and explain the steps involved to register.  

Is there a cost involved?

There are no costs involved in joining the RemotePass Partner Referral Program. Registration is free, and you will receive payments for every successful referral. 

When and how will I get paid?

Rewards are paid on a monthly basis. Once rewards are earned, they can be withdrawn through your PartnerStack dashboard using PayPal or Stripe.

How will I know if my referral has been successful?

You will receive updates throughout the process via email, notifying you when your referrals progress to each stage — from qualification to your rewards have been earned. You can also track their progress in our Partner Portal. 

How many companies can I refer to RemotePass?

There is no limit to how many companies you can refer to RemotePass. 

Is there a cap on commissions?

There is no cap on commissions — the more companies you refer, the more you will earn. 

How much commission will I earn?

For your first two referrals, you will receive a one-off payment of $250 and $500 respectively. Thereafter, you will receive a 20% revenue share for one full year for contractor referrals, and a choice between a $1,000 one-off payment or 20% revenue share for a year for EOR referrals. 

If a customer that I referred adds additional employees through RemotePass, will I earn commission on those too?

Yes, you will receive commission every month for a year from the first date that payroll for the company is processed. If additional employees are added during this period, you receive rewards for the remainder. E.g., if the first payroll is processed on 1 February and the company adds a new employee on 1 March, you will receive rewards on that additional employee from 1 March until 31 January the following year.