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December 15, 2020

Dhruvi Joshi

Centralize Tracking & Payment for Your External Experts

Hiring external experts is a common practice among consulting and research firms. However, with the advancement of the tech industry and dynamic working conditions under COVID-19, the demand to hire external experts has grown in other sectors too.

External experts can be hired for a variety of different reasons. You may want to take advantage of unexpected opportunities or overcome challenges that arise by sourcing the right knowledge when necessary. However, this comes with the huge burden of dealing with paperwork, compliance issues, and external payments. 

Depending on the project needs, experts charge firms by the minute, hourly, or on a daily basis. The operational side of tracking, payment, and reconciliation can prove to be a difficult task and act as a deterrent to hiring external experts for your organization.

In this article, we will look at how our platform addresses the different pain points that your organization may experience when seeking external expertise.

Getting Signatures for Contracts & NDAs via Email

It can be quite complicated to draft and process the required legal information to hire an expert. The typical processes in place are inefficient, relying on email exchanges to send legal documents back and forth. In addition, the legalities differ from country to country, making it difficult to keep track of the regulations to follow for compliance. It is also costly to go through legal firms when you want to work with an expert in a different country. 

For this reason, our RemotePass platform has 100+ legally compliant and ready-to-use contracts. These contracts are fully customizable and can be easily adapted to your business requirements. With our legally binding electronic signature powered by DocuSign, you can ensure that all signatures are compliant and easy to access on any device. 


Time Tracking and Approval Flows

Depending on your project needs, the nature of work with experts will look different. Some projects require tracking on a by-the-minute, hourly, or even monthly basis. Managing these timesheets and monitoring the approval flows manually within your organization becomes a painful task. These procedures often result in payment delays and can frustrate both parties. 


With easily customizable fields on our platform, it is easy to tailor documents based on your business needs to simplify work submissions and account reconciliation. Managing work submissions is also possible with the option to log work per minute, per hour, or per day. This automated process ensures that managers are notified on the go when work is added or approved. 

Cross-Border Payments

With experts located across the word, processing payments means having to manually deal with excessive exchange rate fees and complex reconciliation. This can often lead to undesired disagreements and issues of who takes the burden of these charges. 


On RemotePass, it is possible to pay one or 1,000 experts with a single click, in the currency of your choice. This way, managing mass cross-border payments becomes a quick and minor task. At the same time, experts have the flexibility to receive funds in their currency of choice. The added smart invoice generated on behalf of the expert after each payment ensures all paperwork is in order.


Lack of Reporting and Visibility 

Unfortunately, with the manual processes in place, it is difficult for experts to report on their progress with tasks. Organizations also have a hard time keeping informed with few systems in place to track visibility.


For this reason, we have instant advanced reporting with custom fields and references on our platform. 

Companies like RemotePass can help streamline processes for your project managers and accountants. It is now straightforward to hire externally. The next time your organization needs an external expert, the administrative burden, compliance, paperwork, or processes involved should not be deterrents.

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